Texas Counties Deliver

District Court records may be searched using the following methods:

A Search terminal is available in the reception area of the District Clerk’s Office from 8:00 o’clock a.m. until Noon and 1:00 o’clock p.m. until 4:30 o’clock p.m.

The District Clerk’s Office will conduct searches (civil and criminal) covering the past 10 years for $5.00 per name searched.  Add $1.00 per year for each additional year you wish searched.

The cost for a copy of a document filed in a specific case is $.25 per page or $1.00 per page for certified copy.

Payment for record searches is required in advance.

To request a records search you must make a written request using the Records Search Request Form.  You must provide sufficient detail information for the clerks to perform a search for the file and document you are requesting.

(Upload Records search form)


To request a record search mail your request along with your check or money order to:

Blanco County District Clerk

P.O. Box 382 

101 E. Pecan

Johnson City, Texas  78636